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Most people are not highly sensitive to EMF radiation, and therefore don’t feel the effects of the constant exposure. However, some people are what is called electromagnetic hypersensitive, you can read my post on this here. Whether you feel the symptoms of EMF radiation, or not, I hope that if you’ve looked around this site and others you’ll understand the dangers. EMF radiation, especially from long-term consistent exposure causes many symptoms and health issues. From your cell phone to your router, to your microwave oven, even your Bluetooth devices are all emitting enormous amounts of EMF radiation.

When people first start reading about and understanding the danger that EMF radiation poses, one of the first things they start looking for is clothing that can protect them from it. There are a lot of products out there, but not enough information about if these products even work, and whether EMF protection clothing even works. Let’s talk a bit about EMF shielding clothing, and then look at some of the products that are available on the market.

Does Anti Radiation Clothing Work?

The short answer would be: it depends. There are certainly products out there that will block EMF radiation, but it may not be giving you all the protection you think it is.

First of all, whenever you think about any type of material’s ability to block or shield EMF radiation, try not to think of it absolutes, like 100% blocked or not at all. Instead, think of it in terms of reducing radiation, because this is usually the case.

So when we’re looking at a material’s ability to reduce radiation, we are actually looking at its ability to attenuate radiation. In the world of physics, attenuation is when a material of some kind, causes a gradual reduction in force as energy passes through it. A few examples of attenuation:

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  • The tinted glass on your car attenuates the sunlight as it passes through.
  • The lead vest you wear at the dentist attenuates the x-rays and keeps your body safe.
  • Your bedroom door attenuates the sound in your house as it passes through.

Materials like mylar,copper,aluminum, attenuate EMF radiation by absorbing or scattering the photons as they pass through.

When you’re shopping around for anti-radiation clothing, take a look at the packaging or product details and look for information about attenuation.

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This rating is usually shown in values of decibels, which rates the shielding performance. As you can see from the chart to the right, the higher the decibel value, the greater the protection capabilities, so keep your eye out for this.

Some EMF protection clothing products may only protect from certain types of radiation, like electrical fields. So you might read that a product has a shielding effect of 30 dB at 1 to 5 GHz. As you can see from the chart, this would mean that the product blocks 99.9% of radiation for products in that wavelength, which would include your cell phone and router.

Now let’s talk a little bit about some of the downfalls of these kinds of products.

Problems With EMF Protection Clothing

First of all, when you’re thinking about shielding against a source of EMF radiation, like a smart meter, you need some sort of methodology in order to know how effective of a job you are doing.

Usually, this is done with a quality EMF meter like the newTriField TF2(read my review) and getting a reading. Then you provide some sort of shielding, take readings again, then ground the protection if necessary, then test again and so on until the readings are where you want them.

This type of testing method is tough to do with clothing, so it’s harder to know how much protection it is actually providing.

Another issue is that some of the products (read reviews, super important) are not very comfortable. Typically these clothes have to have a high amount of metal, often silver, in them in order to provide any type of clothing, which is not always comfortable.

Now let’s look at some examples of anti-radiation clothing I found!

(I can save you some time though, and tell you that most of the best products on the market are made by Lambs)

EMF Protection Clothing – Silver-Lined Clothing

Lambs Anti-Radiation EMF Protection BoxersRadiation Shielding Clothing - Does It Really Work? - EMF Academy (2)

By far the best pair of Anti-Radiation boxers are this pair from Lambs. There is no doubt that cell phones can cause serious issues with male fertility (read my whole post on this here).

These boxers are made of 42% silver and claim to block up to 99% of EMF radiation. So if you keep your cell phone in your pocket all the time, and are worried about fertility issues in the future, I actually think these could be worth it for some individuals.

Out of the many products I found online, these actually have pretty good reviews, claim to be very comfortable, and have a good amount of science behind them.

Lambs Meteor T-Shirt
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(Video) AliExpress: EMF Phone Stickers tested by a science teacher

Get it here.

Without a doubt, the highest quality EMF protection T-shirt on the market also comes from Lambs.

Not only is the t-shirt well designed and comfortable, but it’s also scientifically advanced.

It blocks 99% of cell-phone, WiFi and any other kind of EMF radiation, blocks UV light, and regulates heat.

On top of all that, it’s anti-microbial, breathable, and completely wrinkle-resistant.

Most of this is due to the pure silver lining that is embedded into the t-shirt.

The outside of the t-shirt is made of a really soft cotton material.

Overall, this is by far the best EMF protection t-shirt on the market.

EMF Protection Beanie

Get my favorite beanie here.

Radiation Shielding Clothing - Does It Really Work? - EMF Academy (4)

EMF Protection beanies are a product that has become more popular over the last few years, and for good reason. It is a simple product that protects the most vulnerable part of your body, your head, from external radiation sources.

Unlike some products, this one is really simple to use to full effectiveness, and if you get a simple beanie like this one from Lambs, people won’t even really realize that you’re wearing an EMF protection product.

Silverell Anti-Radiation EMF Protection Hoodie.Radiation Shielding Clothing - Does It Really Work? - EMF Academy (5)

In the small world of EMF protection clothing, Silverell is a brand you will come across fairly often. I couldn’t find any information on the Amazon listingthat stated what the protection level or attenuation level of this product is, but being a Silverell product I would guess it’s somewhere in the 99% range.

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One of the reviews mentioned that the purchaser would wear this under her other clothing when traveling and that it prevented her from getting headaches when passing through the airport etc.

Pregnancy Radiation Clothing

It wasn’t that long ago that my wife was pregnant with our daughter. Although this wasn’t something I even knew about at the time, now that I do I could actually see the appeal here. Children’s brains are especially vulnerable to EMF radiation and absorb significantly more radiation.

With electronics all around us, and EMF radiation everywhere, it is hard to protect ourselves, and no matter how much you believe in the dangers of EMF radiation, this type of clothing could really make a difference. Most of this clothing has a high attenuation rate and does block over 99% of radiation, so this is something I could really believe in.

Here are a few good examples of anti-radiation maternity clothing that I liked.

Defendershield EMF Protection Baby Belly Band
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Get it from Defendershield

This is a fairly new product to the EMF pregnancy protection market, but it comes from probably the most respected company in the space, Defendershield. The product is a simple design, essentially a cinched band that fits over your belly to protect your growing baby from the dangers of EMF radiation.

The outer portion of the belly band is made of a soft organic bamboo/cotton blend, and the inside has silver shielding that blocks up to 99% of radiation.

This is a product that I think just about every pregnant mother should have, and provides peace of mind while their scrolling through their phone, working on a laptop, or just going through a normal day.

Anti-Radiation Maternity EMF Protection Dress
Radiation Shielding Clothing - Does It Really Work? - EMF Academy (7)

The nice thing about this dress (go take a look at the listing on Amazon), is that the material used was tested at an accredited lab and verified to have an attenuation rating of 30-35 dB.

If you scroll back up to that chart we looked at earlier, you’ll see that this would block over 99% of EMF radiation. Also, out of all the products I looked at, this one actually looks really cute, and even my wife said would wear it, so that’s something!

Belly Armor Anti Radiation Maternity Tank TopRadiation Shielding Clothing - Does It Really Work? - EMF Academy (8)

This Belly Armor tank top is another silver lined clothing piece that says it reduces radiation by over 99.9%, and reviews said that it was a comfortable fit. After doing a little bit more research, I found that Belly Armor has a whole line of maternity EMF protection products.All of which are made of materials that dramatically reduce radiation. These are totally products that I would consider buying for my wife or for others, as they look attractive and comfortable and I know that they would protect the baby.

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There is a ton of other EMF protection maternity clothing on Amazonthat you can check out.

Now let’s talk a little bit about some possible dangers of Anti-radiation clothing.

Dangers Of EMF Protection Clothing

I would say that the biggest danger of this type of clothing is that people will believe they are completely protected, and not make the other good decisions that people should when they are concerned about EMF radiation protection.

Just because you are wearing a piece of EMF protection clothing, certainly doesn’t mean that you are perfectly safe. In my opinion, you would probably be best off just using good practices and reducing your overall exposure, and using clothing items like these for specific needs, like maternity protection.

If it were me, I would start by reducing the sources of EMF radiation around your house. start by reading through a few of these other EMF Academy articles for great tips and guides on this.

11 Ways To Reduce EMF and Dirty Electricity Exposure

Smart Meter EMF Protection – A Complete Guide

How To Eliminate EMF Radiation In The Bedroom

11 Ways To Reduce Computer Radiation Exposure

(Best Recommendation) Or, if you’re looking for an even more detailed guide I’dcheck out Nicolas Pineault’s “A Non-Tinfoil Guide To EMFs” (This one does cost a few dollars, but is a fantastic book).

So, Should You Wear EMF Shielding Clothes?

I think this completely depends on the person and the need. As I’ve talked about, I think some products like maternity clothing from reputable companies can be really smart and helpful, and some products like the ball cap probably aren’t what you need. Overall I would say that no matter what you decide to do or purchase, just make sure that you’re doing other smart things to reduce your overall exposure to EMF radiation.

I truly hope you enjoyed my article: “Radiation Shielding Clothing – Does It Really Work?” If you did, please consider sharing!


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