Collection of prayer bullets from Elisha Goodman (2023)

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The One Key to Unlock Your Finances

This type of prayer is full of high praises unto the Lord, plus machine-gun prayers like this:

–”I rise out of the dust of poverty by the power in the blood of Jesus”

– Let spiritual magnetic power that attracts and keeps wealth be installed in my finances in
the name of Jesus.”

– “I release my finances from the influences, control and domination of household wickedness in the name of Jesus”

– “O Lord, let all satanic angels deflecting blessings away from me be completely paralyzed, in the name of Jesus”

See these last 3 prayer bullets?

Actually these are prayers #21, #22, #23 of Day 12 of the next Prayer Academy.

Because He is Risen……

Sample Resurrection Prayers…

Is there any area of your life that is dead and buried? Your marriage? Virtues? Ministry? Finances? Your health?

Here’s a sample of how you should be praying in this season:

  1. Thou power of resurrection, visit my foundation in the name of Jesus
  2. Thou voice of resurrection, speak life into every dead area of my life in the mighty name of Jesus
  3. Because He is risen, I arise out of sickness into divine health in Jesus’ name
  4. Because He is risen, I arise out of poverty into prosperity in the name of Jesus
  5. Because He is risen, I arise out of darkness into light in the name of Jesus
  6. Because He is risen, thou power of the grave, you have NO dominion over me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Confession of A Prayer Eagle – Part 10

I say this to you TODAY:

Dear reader, your case will not be different from that of Valantine here, especially if you’ll draw a line in the sand today.

AND quickly follow up by waking up at the midnight hour and calling upon the LORD…So HE can empower you to command the hidden strangers in your life:

“Get out of my life and enter NO MORE in the name of Jesus!”

Confession of A Prayer Eagle – Part 9

I started praying from yourPrayer Cookbookthe 38 prayer points for those who have been given just a few months to live, and my daughter who had never faced a situation like this, started midnight prayers , using the same book, but praying for divine health.

After 40 days, God answered our prayers, and worked a miracle.

They removed the ventilator,and stopped the dialysis. But he was not responding to anything, so we prayed continually with prayer bullets like:
“Every arrowfired against Yohan’s brain, go back to your sender in Jesus name.”

“O ‘ Great Physician, by all the power for which you are known to be our God, arise and repair every damaged cell in Yohan’s body in the name of JESUS.”

Praise Reports – Hotter than July

The prayer bullet that we used is:

‘Oh Great Physician, by the power for which you are known to be God, please restore all damaged cells in the body of (name of the person) and declare total healing to his body in the name of Jesus.’

Confession of A Chinese Prayer Warrior

The 24 prayer bullets against depressiondrove away cares and worries of life from me.

The 17 Miracle Prayer Pointshave started opening gates of blessings upon me.

14 Prayer Points against Terrorismare really working wonders against evil forceswhich
were frustrating my life.

I do Spiritual Environmental Cleaningusing the 7 prayer points on a daily basis,
especially at the Gate of Midnight.

Confession of A Prayer Eagle – Part 13

When the enemy tries to overwhelm you, when life gets you down, and your days grow heavy with worry or crowded with problems, remember to stare those challenges in the eye and declare like Prophet Elijah:

“O thou that trouble my Israel,
my God shall trouble you today in the name of Jesus.”

(Video) Elisha Goodman prayer bullets for financial breakthrough midnight prayer against witchcraft attacks

You’ve Got to Get MAD

Here’s the eagle’s response (please note the prayer bullet)

Gilbert, please use this prayer bullet:

‘O great Physician, by all the power for which you are known to be God, arise and declare total healing to the (mention cancer) and every damaged cell in (your) body in the name of Jesus.’

This prayer point is a tornado. I have prayed for two people using this bullet, one with kidney problem (on dialysis) and another with breast cancer and am here to testify that they have been healed and been told they do not need further medication.

Glory to God, the Most High. Be blessed as you prayer. I will pray for you too.

– Sunnie, 24-Hour Blog

The One Prayer that Changes Everyhing – Part 2

At midnight I began to pray using prayer bullet that I compiled from the 2012 turnaround prayer from Elijah Goodman. This is one of the prayer bullets:

” Every satanic chain on my feet hindering me from moving forward, break and burn to ashes in Jesus’ name”.

I fired these bullets till 3am and decreed that while men are cast down that I will be lifted up!

Reality Check: 90 Days Into 2012

This incident was an eye opener in that I started to realize that my family is in a serious spiritual battle and that as a family we need to rise up and fight. This forced me and my family to begin doing the midnight prayers as coached by elisha and the following are prayer arrows we have been shooting:

a) You evil personalities standing against us, receive the judgment of God in Jesus name.
b) You evil personalities standing against us, we arrest you in Jesus name.

Prayer Demolition Test #1

“Dear Elisha,
last year 2011 I was diagnosed with a disease that affected my brain. I had a problem with memory and could only remember 24hours of events. At one point I totally could not remember my own daughter and she was a stranger to me.

I was hospitalised for sometime, but when I was discharged my memory got worse and I began to hallucinate.

But then I remembered your website to which I had been introduced by one of my lecturers at the University only months earlier. I looked in the mail, you had sent this prayer point

“I command the stars to go to war, let the Heavens fight on my side in Jesus name”

I prayed this prayer point until I was drenched in sweat. To my surprise, after that I was clear headed, even my neurologist is still puzzled at how this happened and I have even just returned to my studies.

I am fine Glory to God!!! Please keep sending the prayer points, and may the Lord keep using you to teach us. Amen.”

– Happiness M, Kenya

Praise the LORD!

Why No One Can Keep You Down Forever

“I have gotten a job that I had eyed for over 14 years.I was fully qualified before now but the doors were shut.

I feel in my spirit that the following prayer points in the ‘2011 27 minutes to midnight’ by Bro Elisha, which I have prayed all year round did the trick in Jesus’ name:

”All my blessings that have been captured and transferred by satanic horsemen at the gate, be released now by fire in the name of Jesus”

” Let my divine helpers for 2011 be released to locate me now in the name of Jesus”

”All my assigned helpers for 2011, both human and angelic, hear the word of the Lord: arise and locate me in the name of Jesus”.

I alsoread this from a testimony at this website and I used itin the midnight prayers:

” Lord, send your angels to the land of the dead and of the living to recover every blessing that I have lost… and let it be restored to me by fire in the name of Jesus”

Brother Mike

Praise the LORD.

The 9 Prayers She Prayed and MORE

These are some of the prayers that I prayed (and they may help anybody looking for a job):

1. I command spirit of failure at the edge of breakthrough to die in the name of Jesus.

(Video) 7 FURIOUS PRAYER BULLETS FOR FEBRUARY 2023 By Elisha Goodman Dr Olukoya MFM Midnight Prayers Nigeria

2. Gates of employment whatever is holding you from real manifestation in my life, by the unchallengeable power of God, crash and open in the name of Jesus.

3. May divine harvest fall and fill my life in Jesus name

4. Power and anointing to get the ???job fall upon me in Jesus mighty name

5. O Lord my Father, speak mercy and favor to my ??? job situation in Jesus name.

6. O Lord roll-away every barrier to my ?? job in Jesus name.

7. O Lord in Heaven, I plead the Blood of Jesus upon my job situation and ask for favor to come upon me during the interview in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

8. I reject the spirit of the tail in my employment and I claim the spirit of the head in the Name of Jesus.

9. I claim the power to overcome and to excel among all the ??? job competitors in the Name of Jesus.

Brethren join me in thanking God who is able to do exceedingly above what we pray or think.

– Dr. Jane K.

Praise the LORD.

1 Prayer To Restore A Broken Marriage

There was this one prayer bullet which I thought would work for my situation:

Blood of Jesus, wipe away all handwriting of hatred and rejection from my life in the name of Jesus.”

I immediately fired this prayer bullet rapidly and repeatedly for about 20 minutes.

Praying to Disrupt Evil Communication #1

Every formidable foe has an elaborate communications system in the spirit realm.

With this it is possible to monitor and keep track of their victims anywhere in the world.

Armed with this kind of knowledge, the lady began to pray like this (at the midnight hour):

I destroy the mirrors, video cameras, cameras, computers and cell phones that the enemy is using to monitor all of us the children of God by firein the Name of Jesus.”

For good measure, she supported this dangerous prayer with 3 others …

  1. I command civil war to break out right now in the camp of the enemy (satan) in the name of Jesus.
  2. Father divide the tongues of all the members of the camp of the enemy in the name of Jesus.
  3. I disorganize and disconnect all the communication lines in the camp of the enemy in name of Jesus

Where will you be on December 17?

“2012 has been a great year in my spiritual life …

What have I been praying? Mostly the 17 miracle prayersand the prayers for abundance.

Then I always ended with this one prayer:

“My testimonies shall surprise my friends and shock my enemies in Jesus’ Name.”

– Sister J

Most Important Prayer For The Season?

I kept on meditating on the prayers that I had learned:

“Oh Great physician with all the power for which you are known to be God heal my mother now in the name of Jesus…

Here is the prayer:

Oh God, my father, release special angels of battle to search the land of the living and of the dead to locate and return my mother to us now in the name of Jesus.

The Marriage killer that’s right inside the home

I first prayed the healing prayer which goes like this:

O Great Physician, with all your power…


… and then I prayed the long-legged one.

‘O Lord show me what is hidden concerning my life in the name of Jesus.’

The Days of My Goliath Are Numbered

‘Blood of Jesus, wipe away every writing of hatred and rejection in the name of Jesus’

Please close your eyes and take this prayer with fire in your voice:

Let my tongue become a dangerous weapon of fire
against the enemy in the mighty name of Jesus.

Once that happens, then you can boldly declare that:

The days of my goliaths are numbered in Jesus’ name.

For good measure you should add:

I shall not waste my life believing in falsehoods in Jesus’ name.

I command the ground to open up and swallow every spiritual skeleton in my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

I refuse to roam in the wilderness of life in the name of Jesus.

O Lord, shield my heart from evil thought projections in Jesus’ name.

Please Note:In our teachings, enemies are NOT human beings – they are unseen spirits who empower human beings and other creatures to fight us, even in the dream – see Ephesians 6:12.

And we defeat them using heaven-manufactured, scripture-tipped prayer bullets that work really fast.

(Golden Journey) Results Are Pouring In

I prayed the prayer point that says:

“O Lord it is written that whoever shall call upon you for deliverance shall be delivered.”

I prayed it in tears asking God to deliver me from the fibroids if He wishes because I was in pain and could not sleep. While in prayer I heard a still voice say it is done.

I thanked the Lord and guess what? The cyst had disappeared!

The following day the cyst was back!

I never gave up. I continued praying the prayers thanking God for healing. I prayed the prayer point:

“You agents that are reviving the fibroids I break your backbone with the rod of God in Jesus name.”

Then I asked the Lord to confirm to me the healing. On the 8th day I dreamt that my sister and I had been praying then I was on my menses and I passed out something big and then I shouted:

“I am healed. I have removed the fibroid!”

(Golden Journey) Level 1 Ends … What Next?

Hidden Strangers Chased Out!

“I did not finish the prayer academy that started in September 2012. Everything that could go wrong was wrong stopping me from doing the prayer. But things have not changed for me and with the desire to have a change I decided to start the prayers again this timepraying day and night with fasting. So I took time off work…

On the first day of the Esther fast as I just finishedprayer point number 26 of day two:

“Let every stumbling block fashioned against my Christian walk be consumed by fire in Jesus name.”

I also added: stumbling block fashioned against my career and my finances to be consumed by fire. I was about to go to the next prayer number 27:

“Everyday let the pillar of fire of the living God go before me and light up my pathways in Jesus name.”

Suddenly I heard a loud voice shouting what! I staggered and I felt and saw a black man come out of my body(like it just stepped out of me) looking scared he ran away. I knew God has delivered me of something but I don’t know what it is…“

Sister B.A.

Well, I know what it is.

The Bible calls themhiddenstrangers. They are stubborn and VERY wicked. For many people reading this, such strangers have been hiding in their bloodlines for generations!

HIV Meets The 3 Deadly Prayer Bullets

So I gave her these three prayer points:

  1. O Great Physician by the power for which you are known to be God, arise and declare a total healing in my body and every damaged cell in my body.
  2. Serpentine arrows programmed into my body, get out and enter no more.
  3. I withdraw my blood from every satanic blood bank in Jesus name.

Prayer #23 of Day 10 – A NEW Case Study

Here is the prayer:

23.O Lord, command your serpents to swallow every serpentine power unleashed against my life in the name of Jesus.

The Dead or Alive Prayer

Arrows had been fired against them while they were asleep.

That’s why you should close your eyes now and take this prayer with holy aggression:


“Let the wickedness of household enemies overtake them in the name of Jesus”.

Easter Dream Marathon 2013 Edition

Easter Dream Marathon – Results Are In

However, the Holy Spirit prompted me to call them back and pray with them on phone.

I prayed, “Any power assigned to eat the flesh and drink the blood of that baby, die before your mission, in the name of Jesus”.

I Was So Mad With You — To Be Honest

Please close your eyes and pray like this:

O God my Father, release special angels of battle to search the entire universe and arrest every spiritual robber stealing from me in the name of Jesus.

Prophetic Axe Strikes Again

But Elisha I thank God because he so faithful. The child was in a coma and I got into prayer. I used the prayer point:

Oh God my father, release special angels of war to search the land of the living and the land of the dead and bring my daughter back to us.

Please say this with me:

“This monthIwillnotbeboughtoff.”
“Iwillnotsell out.”
“Iwillnotquit… in the name of Jesus”

Praying to uncover the hidden side of everything

So we began to pray like this:
“Any covenant that is NOT of God still standing in my foundation, collapse, die in the name of Jesus.”

Now a covenant is the foundation of blessings.

It is the foundation of breakthroughs.

It is the foundation of powerful relationships.

Uncommon blessings come as a result of a tight covenant
relationship with the LORD.

Listen to Florence:

“Dear Elisha

I really want to thank you and indeed you are a man of God.
I joined your prayer Academy December last year.
I was not very active. This year in March I told myself that
enough is enough I started the mid night prayers.

Guess what? my spirit enjoys praying and on the 1st of June 2013
I was delivered during midnight praying.

I had 3 spiritual husbands.

I was praying with the 40 prayer points for success and 25 prayer points.

I prayed like this:

1. Every mouth and dream anointed to curse my blessings O Lord transfer
their arrows back to them in the mighty name of Jesus.

2. Any power assigned to eat my flesh and drink my blood,die now in the name of Jesus.

The last prayer point I think it helped me a lot.

I had a serious painful left side including my arm, my hand, my leg etc.

I had to hold that side and pray like this:

3. You spiritual husband I send you into the pit of fire to burn now in Jesus Name.

All of a sudden it appeared as a dream seeing those threemale baboons falling apart.

Thank you very much.”

– Sister Florence

Praise the LORD.


(Video) Elisha Goodman Powerful Prayer Bullets to attract favor and open doors

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